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7 Wonders of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

I am truly passionate about the wonders of RTT and the wonders it can release for you.

Here, I wanted to share with you 7 reasons why I believe RTT is a revolutionary technique that is ideally suited for busy, professional women who are ready to drop the ‘superwoman’ act and lead a calmer and fulfilling life. RTT suits the hectic modern life we all face…even in a lockdown.

Let me introduce you to the wonder of solving your problems, bad habits and anxieties from their true source.

1. RTT harnesses the power of hypnotherapy without you losing control

The word hypnotherapy may scare you, but it is not the “entertainment show” form of hypnosis. This is about me helping you to become more in control. It is about you becoming completely centred – being able to let go of immediate, everyday concerns and focusing inward. This state can help you access issues, concerns and past memories.

2. RTT accesses the subconscious allowing rapid results

We have three levels of consciousness – the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. The conscious is our day-to-day ‘thinking brain’. Whilst it guides our actions, it also contains our inner critic and limiting beliefs.

Our unconscious guides our automatic actions, including breathing and blinking, as well as well-formed habits like driving and using a knife and fork – it’s why we can do these things at the same time as thinking about holiday plans or having an in-depth conversation.

Then, there is the subconscious – it drives much of our conscious actions but we are not aware of it. It is like a ‘memory vault’ storing past events and our feelings towards them. Day-to-day they are hard to access but they are often the driving force behind our conscious actions and choices.

During the RTT session, we unlock the subconscious, but I will be there to guide you safely through. You will reveal thoughts, feelings and beliefs locked in the ‘vault’, which may have been negatively affecting you. By accessing this, we get to the root cause of an issue quickly and this is how we offer the rapid results RTT is so renowned for.

"You are in expert, kind, transforming hands"

Marisa Peer, named Britain’s Best Therapist and multi-award winning Founder of the RTT Method


3. RTT treats a wide range of issues

RTT is a suitable therapy for many issues you may be struggling with, including:

· Bad health habits

· Stress

· Anxiety

· Fears

· Phobias

· Addictions, e.g. smoking and alcohol

· Confidence issues

· Guilt

· Limiting beliefs

4. RTT removes the need for multiple sessions

I know that people can get stuck in a cycle of therapy which whilst helpful can show only incremental change, leading to more and more sessions. RTT aims to treat you in one session (three maximum), followed by a 21-day programme of listening to a bespoke recording daily.

If you commit to this, new neural pathways will be formed and you will see change. Whilst I always follow up with my clients, the need for multiple sessions is often unnecessary, unless another issues which needs dealing with arises. However, so often many issues are revealed by one root cause when we explore the subconscious.

5. RTT is bespoke

You may mistakenly think that ‘rapid’ means a ‘one size fits all’ approach – but RTT is completely bespoke. The hypnotherapy session combines many therapeutic approaches based on what is best for you and your needs. Furthermore, the recording is specially created for you. Personalised by what it is that you want to achieve.

6. RTT is long lasting

By committing to the 21-day programme, you will form new ‘habits’. You brain is biologically able to make new ‘pathways’ – essentially it can rewire itself if you do the same thing enough times. It is why you can learn new skills at any stage of life.

So often with traditional therapies, during a session, you feel confident and reassured to change your ways of thinking or acting, but once you leave you don’t have the back-up to continue. New recommendations, suggestion or change of thought processes take longer to become habits.

The 21-day programme of listening hard wires changes in to your brain and it will ‘stick’ – let’s be honest we all know how hard it is to break ‘bad habits’ – so imagine if you treated a new positive habit to help your anxiety or stress in the same way. It’s going to last.

7. RTT fits around family, job and life commitments

The recording mentioned above is just 20 minutes long; that is all RTT requires after the initial 2.5 hour session. There is no big commitment to attend regular therapy sessions – just 20 minutes for you to sit, relax, focus and listen.

You can listen to the recording via your computer, music player or smartphone. You can take it with you – listen on your lunch break, listen in bed, listen in your car (when parked safely) or listen out in your garden – wherever you feel safe and secure and whenever fits in to your busy life. Just 20 minutes – that’s less time than an episode of Friends!

Ask me your questions. Share your concerns.

I know that RTT often gets the reaction “too good to be true”- but let me tell you more about it, let me explain the process and let me find out more about what you are trying to cope with and juggle. Feel free to email me with any questions –

Read more stories about how RTT has supported women to live a more fulfilling life and find out more about Lynda.


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