Here's some beautiful words from people Lynda has helped...

Lynn Oxley

Anxiety and panic attacks

“It is with great pleasure that I provide a testimonial for Lynda Cant who helped transform my life.  I had gone through an extremely challenging time, was exhausted and knew if I did not get help I might not make it.
"Lynda helped me get back on track by calming the inner conflict in my mind and re-wiring it for success and happiness.  After only one session and listening to our therapy recordings everyday over a 60 day period,  the panic attacks stopped, the fear subsided and the confidence and excitement for life returned. I am now thriving abundantly even though there is a pandemic going on.
"She’s not just an incredible therapist but a wonderful, kind and compassionate human.  Thank you Lynda for bringing me back to life! “


Gill Cheesewright

Improving sleep

"I have never slept through the night and I have come to terms with the fact that it is unlikely to ever happen.

“I have been known to write entire marketing strategies in the middle of the night because I could not switch off. But what RTT with Lynda has given me is a better quality of sleep which is at least 70% better than it was.

“The improvement following Lynda’s sessions has meant I feel rested and so much more refreshed in the mornings. It’s made a huge difference.

“I have always been a gym bunny. I eat well, I keep fit, but now I feel so much better in myself. I don’t find it so hard to get going in the mornings.


“I found the sessions very emotional, impactful and cathartic. It affected me on a very deep level, which I wasn’t expecting, and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Helen Cresswell


"After a sensitive and considerate dialogue, Lynda drew out specific themes and reassured me of the gentleness and safety of working under hypnosis.  As she took me into my unconscious what I found most remarkable was that, while being aware, another part of me came into the driving seat.  My inner self was revealing what it wanted to be acknowledged.


"Events arose that Lynda expertly navigated with me: events I’d not completely forgotten but had suppressed the emotion attached to them which was extremely powerful. It’s that emotion which is released, like a weight I’d been carrying for years, holding at the core of my body without realising the effect and exhaustion it had been causing in my day to day existence.

"As the session concluded I felt lighter and safer than ever.  Lynda had noted the language I’d used and transformed it into positive affirmations which she then replayed to me, and recorded in a further hypnosis so I could play it each day for the next 21 days."


Lara Goodall

Stress and work/life balance

“I had one session with Lynda, and then you are given a recording which you listen to every day for 21 days afterwards.

“Over that time there was a gradual change which built up my confidence and made me realise what I do and don’t want.”

"Lynda and RTT made me see that how I was living was not sustainable, and that I needed to take a bit of myself back.

“Now, I don’t worry about every little thing and I am much calmer. My work/life balance is much better and more manageable. 

“I am still listening to the recording as I look forward to it. RTT has changed my life.”

Kathy Tubb


"I approached Lynda Cant for help as I wanted to stop biting my nails, having done so since childhood. Other methods I had tried over the years hadn’t worked.  Could RTT be a solution? 

The session with Lynda included a process of identifying possible causes for my habit, followed by a relaxation technique to allow my sub-conscious to come into play. Lynda then worked her magic in a soothing, calm, way to instil positive thoughts into my sub-conscious to encourage me to break the habit.

"I was totally aware of everything as it happened and at the end of the session I was in a state of complete relaxation - wonderful.

"I left the therapy room with a recording of my session, which Lynda asked me to listen to over a number of days to reinforce all the positive thoughts.

"The big question was ‘had it worked?’.

"Two months on, I have nails! I am so proud of them and my family and friends are impressed. I feel confident that I have now broken this long-standing habit, with the help of RTT. Thank you, Lynda. "


Anxiety and self-doubt

"Working with Lynda has been life changing. My previous experience of therapy in the past had been relatively uninspiring and did not help to properly address the issues I have lived with for a long time.


"Since beginning therapy with Lynda everything has changed. Despite dealing with the added fears and anxieties that the pandemic has brought, I am stronger, happier, calmer, more confident and more optimistic than I can recall since childhood. For many years I have lived with carrying the burden of anxiety and self doubt around with me, that has gone now to be replaced with the sense of  someone standing beside me, guiding and supporting me.


I now look forward with excitement and anticipation, knowing that I am now firmly on the right track, moving away from the fears of the past to a brighter future for myself and my family.

Wellbeing therapies

Lynda helps people people overcome symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as weight issues, phobias and habits.

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