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“I was ready to quit my career because I couldn’t cope with the pressure”

81% of women in the UK have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope at some point in the last year. 

(Source: YouGov 2018)

Run-down? Tired? Feeling overwhelmed with your hectic life? Losing the battle between your professional responsibilities and commitments at home? Resentful? No one you can confide in?

"Hi. I’m Lynda Cant and I help businesspeople like you get their confidence back and feel in control of life again.


My therapy is very fast acting, highly effective and all sessions are held in the strictest confidence."

21 days to an energised, confident and in-control you

  • Therapy is proven to combat anxiety and stress-related symptoms by getting to the root of the problem​


  • No huge time commitments – therapy works quickly and fits with your hectic lifestyle


  • Your therapy is delivered by therapist, Lynda Cant, a former FTSE 100 board director with an understanding of the pressures for busy women


  • Be assured my service is discreet and confidential – leaving you in complete control

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