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“I was ready to quit my career because I couldn’t cope with the pressure”

Why I came to see Lynda

I work as a Senior Finance Manager in Hampshire. It’s a busy job with lots of responsibility and frequent travel. I’m also a wife and a mum to two children aged 6 and 8.

As my schedule became increasingly demanding, I felt as if I’d had a constant cold and sore throat. My back and neck were always stiff – but I battled on through, never taking a day of sick from work. The more exhausted I became, the less able I felt to cope with even small challenges and issues at work and home – but I didn’t want to let it show in case I was judged as incompetent. I’d worked so hard to get to this point in my career.

People thought I was a ‘superwoman’ but I felt like a shadow of former self. Everything felt too much and I was ready to quit my job because I felt I couldn’t cope.  I needed to find a solution that would work fast – before everything fell apart. 

The Solution

When I heard about RTT, it appealed to me because it’s proven to help stress-related symptoms without a huge time commitment. Between being a parent and work, there’s little room in my diary for appointments (and I definitely didn’t want to take time off from work in case it affected my reputation).

Lynda is a mother and a former FTSE 100 board director, so I knew she would be able to empathise with my situation and provide workable solutions.

The Results

By understanding where my ambition comes from, I can channel it in a way that doesn’t negatively impact my wellbeing.

I’m allowing myself more time to slow down, rest, and ask for help - so I feel happier and healthier.

Life feels simpler now that I can say “no” when I feel overwhelmed.

RTT can also help you overcome....

Lack of sleep, quit smoking, public speaking anxiety, drug addiction, exam stress (also available for students 16+), health issues sport performance, phobias such as heights, confined spaces, fear of needles, nail biting, spiders, weight issues and OCD.

For Business

Employee absence due to stress poses a major business continuity risk to your company. Rapid Transformation Therapy  (RTT) is helping businesses across Hampshire manage mental health in the workplace.  

For Men

Becoming irritable and impatient, feeling anxious and insecure, health issues  – these are all signs that your life is out of balance.  Stressful emotions hold you back from reaching your full potential


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be a life-changing experience for those who are looking for an alternative to the more traditional therapies. It’s fast-acting, without being a quick fix, and the benefits from just one session are instant. But what does it feel like to experience RTT?

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