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“My panic was so bad I dreaded weekly management meetings and the commute to work”

Why I came to see Lynda

I’m a Public Relations Manager at a global pharmaceutical corporation so my days are unpredictable because I have to react to difficult press enquiries around the clock. There’s constant pressure from Senior Management to protect the company’s reputation over ethical issues. I’m also going through a nasty divorce. Often working long hours, I’m surrounded by stress and blame.

Following an incident where I was verbally assaulted by a more senior colleague, I began to suffer from frequent panic attacks.

The crowded train carriages on my commute started to leave me feeling short of breath. I’d lose my stream of thought in meetings and suddenly feel like I needed to escape. It’s as if the other faces around the table went blurry and I couldn’t hear or tune in to what they were saying. My mouth got dry and I couldn’t get my words out – it was so embarrassing and exhausting.

Sleep was scarce because I felt wired all the time – edgy, jumpy, fearful. I used to think of myself as capable but then I became scared of everything. I desperately wanted to get in control of my anxiety before it ruined my career.

The Solution

RTT felt like the best course of treatment for me because I could fit it around my unpredictable schedule. Even after the free online consultation, I knew I was in safe hands with Lynda. She made me feel completely at ease.

I had a 2-hour one-to-one therapy session in Basingstoke, after which I was given a personal recording that I listened to on my SmartPhone headphones every day for 21 days whilst commuting, or if I took a lunch break. Nobody had to know.

Lynda sent me reminders via text to encourage me to keep up with the programme, which was like having a kind and supportive friend with me at all times. I got so much reassurance from that – even in the midst of a crisis blowing up at work or when my husband’s solicitor called.

RTT Results

I’m back in the driving seat of my emotions and sleeping normally

When stressful situations arise, I can think clearly and I feel equipped to cope with them

Meetings and train journeys don’t make me panic anymore because I know “I can handle this”

RTT can also help you overcome....

Lack of sleep, quit smoking, public speaking anxiety, drug addiction, exam stress (also available for students 16+), health issues sport performance, phobias such as heights, confined spaces, fear of needles, nail biting, spiders, weight issues and OCD.

For Business

Employee absence due to stress poses a major business continuity risk to your company. Rapid Transformation Therapy  (RTT) is helping businesses across Hampshire manage mental health in the workplace.  

For Men

Becoming irritable and impatient, feeling anxious and insecure, health issues  – these are all signs that your life is out of balance.  Stressful emotions hold you back from reaching your full potential


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be a life-changing experience for those who are looking for an alternative to the more traditional therapies. It’s fast-acting, without being a quick fix, and the benefits from just one session are instant. But what does it feel like to experience RTT?

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