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What is

Rapid Transformational Therapy

A tried and tested therapy, RTT has already helped thousands of people overcome symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as phobias and habits. RTT therapy  can help you start to enjoy a balanced, happy and fulfilled personal and professional life again.

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No long-term time commitments;

Fast and effective, one of the benefits of RTT is that it takes up little of your precious time and can fit easily around your busy work and home life commitments.

RTT delivers long-term success – fast; RTT can provide immediate relief from stress, anxiety, phobias and habits, depending on the severity of your symptoms.


The root of your issue will be stored deep within your brain. It may not even be a conscious memory for you but a trained and qualified RTT therapist can access it - and that’s why RTT therapy is so successful.

RTT engages with your sub-conscious mind whereas traditional talking therapies only tap into your conscious mind.  By correcting the issue in your sub-conscious mind you resolve the problem quickly whereas it takes a longer period of time for other therapies to achieve results.  

Your RTT treatment comprises 2.5 hour session followed by a 21-day listening therapy, which takes 20 minutes per day to complete and you can do it anywhere.  

Your RTT therapist Lynda, will advise you whether further sessions are required.  Typically, extra time is required if there are multiple causes for your symptoms, or where you would like to address additional areas such as stopping smoking or phobias that will need individual work.


Book a free and confidential 20-minute online consultation where we will discuss your symptoms with you and explain what will happen during your RTT therapy.

Your Session

Before your session we'll have a 20 minute online discovery call of issue. 

Your RTT session will last up to 2.5 Hours and can be online or face to face (please allow an extra 30 mins for personal reflection time)

The next 21 Days

After your first session, you will be given a personal recording, that you will listen to everyday for 21 days.  The recording is 20 minutes long and can be played on your SmartPhone, iPad or MP3/MP4 player.

We will send reminders via email and/or text to encourage you to keep up with the programme.

Telephone/video call at end of 21 days for final assessment

The total cost of your discovery call, RTT session, personal recording and a final assessment telephone/video calls

For Business

Employee absence due to stress poses a major business continuity risk to your company. Rapid Transformation Therapy  (RTT) is helping businesses across Hampshire manage mental health in the workplace.  

For Women

Run-down? Tired? Feeling overwhelmed with your hectic life? Losing the battle between your professional responsibilities and commitments at home? Resentful? No one you can confide in?

For Men

Becoming irritable and impatient, feeling anxious and insecure, health issues  – these are all signs that your life is out of balance.  Stressful emotions hold you back from reaching your full potential

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