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Why Online Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Works

In these challenging times, online counselling is the only option – with wearing PPE and outside meetings not being the ideal for many therapies.

You may worry that this means your session will be less effective or inhibit my ability to help you. Let me put those fears to rest and tell you how online therapy and specifically Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be just as effective, more convenient for you and suitable for any support required.

Discover a therapy that is not only rapid but can be done in the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient for you.

Five reasons why online therapy works

1. Benefit from being in the comfort of your own home…or any place you feel safe and secure

One of the most important things about any therapy or counselling is that you feel at ease. Remaining in the comfort of your own home can reduce anxiety and apprehension you might have about seeing a counsellor.

In fact, you don’t even have to be in your house, perhaps a summer house or other private place – even a hotel room! We are all more used to making video calls via our phones now. It really has removed any limits or barriers to where you receive your therapy. Just remember that part of RTT includes a form of hypnotherapy so wherever you are, you must feel safe and secure.

2. Start relaxed and centred on what you want to achieve

Finding a new place, worrying about parking or traffic jams, and allowing travel time on top of the session time, can mean that any first therapy appointment starts with worry and angst. These concerns may even stop you booking an appointment in the first place.

Online therapy removes all of this worry – you ‘arrive’ at your appointment in a calm and relaxed state, hopefully!

Before we get started, we’ll have a discovery call over video chat so that we can get to know each other, and so that when we do start your therapy you’re relaxed and know what to expect.

We can work through all of the technical details of the call too, ensuring that when we have our session it will all run smoothly.

Having met during our discovery call, you will also feel confident that you know what to expect from me – what I look like and what I sound like!

3. Research shows you may feel less inhibited during an online session

For some, video calls have a dis-inhibiting effect and some clients feel they can open up even more and discuss problems more easily when they are online, without the physical presence of someone in the same room.

Whilst I miss the human interaction, I take great pleasure knowing that I can still help someone effectively during a virtual session.

4. RTT works with just one online session

There is such a thing as ‘Zoom fatigue’ and continued weekly session via video call could become tiresome. You may even lose the connection with a counsellor as building true rapport may be more difficult long term. However, RTT does not rely on continued face-to-face therapy sessions. Its fast and effective method allows for just one 2.5 hour session and then you will be given a 20 minute personalised recording to listen to daily for a 21 day period.

I love the fact that RTT removes the emphasis on the counsellor. It is not about me. It is about you and your future. I will guide you through the initial session and the hypnotherapy. I will then give you the tools to takeaway and make a real difference. By listening to the personalised recording, you can form new neurological pathways, rewiring the brain so that new behaviours and ways of thinking become second nature. You will not be ‘chained’ to a series of session with me – only exactly what you need. Learn more about the process of RTT here.

5. Find the right counsellor for you – regardless of the location

Finally, online therapy doesn’t limit you to a specific location and gives you more choice when it comes to finding the right counsellor. You can ensure you find a therapist that specialises in your particular concerns and is the right ‘fit’ for you – no matter where they are located in the world. This is another reason I offer a free consultation call as I want you to get to know me and connect with me.

Being able to offer online therapy means I have had the privilege of treating international clients, including Patricia who lives in Australia (whilst I am based in the UK) – even the different time zones won’t stop me helping those I know I can support to transform.

“Lynda quickly uncovered the underlying cause of my issues, addressed them and helped me to move on from them.

I now have a much-improved sleep pattern and have been noticing many other changes in my overall well-being. I thoroughly recommend Lynda and RTT.”

Patricia, based in Australia

Book your free consultation call - no matter where you are

I know these are strange times and for many there are still restrictions in place which stop meetings and gatherings, but there is no need to let these guidelines stop you from getting the help you need. Take the first step towards true transformation and a better future.

Everyone is talking about a ‘new normal’ – what could this look like for you? Less worry? Better habits? Reduced anxiety? Enhanced well-being and a love for life? Whatever it is – let me help you achieve it.

Book your consultation call and lets ‘e-meet’ soon.


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