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Is the voice in your head making you Happy, Calm, and Contented, or Stressed and Anxious?

Brain chemistry is so important because it is so difficult to overcome the influence of chemicals on our emotions.

Let’s look at chemicals that shape our mood, attitude, and good and bad feelings.


Dopamine is often called the Motivational molecule which provides the drive and focus you need to be productive. It is heavily involved with attention span, focus, follow-through, motivation, and the ability to experience pleasure. It is a brain chemical that is energising and satisfying. The expectation of reward triggers dopamine in the mammalian brain and releases the energy to achieve the rewards. When a lion is hunting a Gazelle her dopamine surges. Dopamine motivates you to seek....a college degree...a mate.

To Boost Dopamine

Have a purpose and goals to achieve. Having a To-Do list and then ticking actions off as you achieve them will give you a boost of dopamine.


Serotonin is the Feel Good Chemical and is triggered by Confidence. Enjoy the good feeling of Serotonin when you feel good about yourself and your achievements.

To Boost Serotonin

Find something that you are competent at or working towards it. Strengthen your Serotonin by remembering what you have achieved – what you are good at – what your qualities are and write them down.


Oxytocin is known as the love chemical and naturally enhances sleep and has a calming effect. It leaves you feeling tranquil and loving. Mothers experience it after childbirth and breastfeeding. Mammals stick with the herd because they only release oxytocin when they create social bonds which help protect their young from predators.

To Boost Oxytocin

We can stimulate Oxytocin by being grateful, generous, kind, compassionate, and connecting with others. Be a good listener. Oxytocin decreases fear and helps recovery after bad social interactions. Pets also increase Oxytocin.


Endorphins help with pain relief. These feel-good brain chemicals are released by your body during physical exercise and cause your immune cells to flood the cardiovascular system which protects your body against illness and lifts your mood.

To Boost Endorphins

Plan to go out in the fresh air every day. Start with 5 minutes a day and build to 30 minutes. Walk, jog, run – whatever suits you. Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain. It increases the production of new brain cells, and slows down brain cell aging.

If you feel you would like some help with creating the chemicals in your body that enable you to live a happy, purposeful and contented life, please get in touch and book a 20-minute free call so I can explain how I can help you.

Best wishes for your future happiness and fulfillment.

Love Lynda xx


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