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Why Diets Don't Work

Without the right mindset, we set ourselves up to fail before we’ve even started to lose weight. If our brain is constantly telling us that we are denying ourselves the food we love, how many of us are going to be able to overcome our eating habits long-term? The solution starts with reprogramming your mind. To lose weight sustainably and for good, it is crucial that you change your language, your thinking, your beliefs, and your whole mindset relating to food. Our brains are always listening to the words we use. If you want to lose weight, do you use words and beliefs such as

  • Everyone in my family is overweight, I am destined for failure

  • I can’t resist food

  • I can never leave anything on my plate

  • I can’t resist eating the leftovers

  • I have been on every diet and they do not work for me

  • I have no willpower

  • I am weak-willed

These kinds of limiting words and beliefs are untrue and keep you stuck. You were not born overweight. Something in our past has caused us to eat the wrong foods and more than our body needs.

When you were younger were you

  • Told you cannot have dessert unless you eat all your vegetables

  • Told It’s a sin to leave food when there are so many hungry people in the world

  • Sent to bed without dinner because you were being punished

  • Made to sit at the table until you finished your vegetables

  • Underweight and your parents forced you to eat

  • Considered chubby and you were denied certain foods

  • Bullied or called Fatty

This is where RTT can help. It gets to the root cause of why you started overeating or eating the wrong foods. Understanding the reasons why you are overweight is the first key to unlock the limiting beliefs that you hold.

Many people eat when they are stressed

Look at what you eat and when you eat it.

Is there an emotional connection between you, food, and how it makes you feel?

We also use food to reward ourselves and have often trained our minds to think “I deserve this treat because I have been good all week”.

If we disconnect the food from the emotion, we can change our mindset.

We can emotionally eat when we feel sad, anxious or stressed as the food helps us to feel comforted. But this is a short-term fix and does not help in the long term.

Another reason you may find it difficult to lose weight is the time you are eating your food. It’s a relatively new theory and experts in circadian biology believe that we should give our bodies a 12 – 16 hour rest from eating food or drink that contains calories. This enables the full fat burning mechanisms in our body to work.

I recommend 2 books, one by the amazing Marisa Peer founder of RTT called You can be Thin

The second fabulous book is Feel Great Lose Weight by Dr Rangan Chatterjee , an amazing GP who is changing so many people’s lives through his podcasts and radio programme on Sunday evenings.

How I can help you to lose weight for lasting and sustainable weight loss

When I talk with my clients they usually know what they should be eating. Many have been on various diets and know what works for them but have trouble sticking to it so they get into a pattern of yo-yo dieting.

The key to success is understanding where your beliefs came from about food and then transforming your thinking about food to keep you satisfied and healthy. One of my clients said:

“I have been yo-yo dieting for years. After a hard day at work and then putting the children to bed, I use to comfort eat and once I started eating in the evening, I found it difficult to stop. I thought I was a lost cause and that I would end up being so fat that no one would want a relationship with me. Even these thoughts didn’t stop me from eating and I felt so miserable. I was desperate and a friend recommended Lynda. Since having an RTT session, it is like a switch that has been turned in my head. I no longer crave sugary and fatty processed food or binge eat in the evening. I feel amazing and I am gradually losing weight – every week I get on the scales and have lost another pound. RTT has literally transformed my life". Young Single Mum

If you or anyone you know who is struggling with losing weight, please suggest that they contact me for a free call to explain how I can help towards a healthy body weight forever.

Love Lynda xx


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