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Start The New Year With Positive Energy - Happy and Excited For The Future

How Rapid Transformational Therapy can change your life!

The key to changing whatever is holding you back is to change your thoughts. Our thoughts come from our belief system and many people have limiting beliefs about themselves.

Your mind believes whatever you tell it

I am not good enough

I am shy and cannot speak up

I am always tired

I can’t think straight

I will never meet the person of my dreams

Your mind loves what is familiar

Every day we say the same things and do the same things whether it is good for us or not. This is why it is so difficult to change habits and why New Year Resolutions don’t usually work because our mind pulls us back to what is familiar. We may say, I want to exercise, I want to eat healthy and lose weight, but after a short while, we are back into our own bad habits. This is because we have not found a way to change our thinking.

Our minds are very powerful but can be like an untrained puppy. We need to be in charge of it, making sure our minds are working for and not against us. Medication can change our state of mind but it often comes with side effects. and symptoms can return once your stop taking it.

Why is Rapid Transformational Therapy so effective?

It transforms your thinking in your subconscious and rewires your brain

Many of my clients have already had some form of counselling but hasn’t been a permanent fix. I have trained in various talking therapies, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Psychosynthesis. The big difference is that RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) combines the most beneficial principles of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT to get to the root cause of the issue and negative beliefs . This enables us to address the issues in depth and completely overcome them in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Understanding is key so after a 2.5 hour RTT session, my clients understand what is holding them back, replacing out-dated limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour, transforming their thinking to more positive thoughts about themselves permanently.

The mind loves what is familiar so to ensure that the new way of thinking sticks in the subconscious, the client takes away a personal recording which forms good, positive habits in their brain. They listen to this recording for between 21 – 60 days because this is how long it takes to change a habit. The client listens to the recording for 20 minutes a day. During this period the brain is making new pathways – essentially it can rewire itself if you do the same thing enough times. This is why you can learn new skills at any stage in life.

Sounds too easy to be true?

Just look on my website at the testimonials I have received to show how effective RTT is. For years it has been believed that it takes months and months to change issues that are holding us back.

The wonderful Marisa Peer founder and teacher of RTT has received numerous awards, voted Best British Therapist and has taught people like myself and we are now spreading the word of the effectiveness of this fast and revolutionary therapy. Lives are changing rapidly for the better.

If you know anyone who is suffering from anxiety, stress, or any issues that is holding them back from living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, then please let them know that they do not need to suffer – whatever age they are.

What a great way to start 2021 – leaving the past behind and being filled with positive energy and feeling happy and excited for the future.

Heres to a happy 2021

Lynda Cant x


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