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Mind, body, heart and spirit blog series: Spirit

How to reconnect with your spirit and watch your life blossom

Every cloud has a silver lining, and one of the more positive things to come out of the current coronavirus pandemic is that lockdown has forced most of us to slow down and spend more time alone, at home - with ourselves.

What has happened in recent times is that instead of human beings, we had become human doings. Our schedules were crammed full of tasks, chores, appointments, meetings, responsibilities, obligations, and duties. Maybe that is still the case for you, or it will be again soon…

Where are YOU on that ‘to do’ list?

When we get caught up in the fast pace of this world, there is a risk that all that noise and activity will drown out our inner self – our spirit.

Without the usual distractions of daily life, because of isolation, perhaps you have seen a glimpse of that soul, and heard your inner voice again?

Did it sound like an old friend or a stranger? Either way, making time for it and getting to know it will offer you benefits you’ll want to enjoy beyond lockdown.

The benefits of re-connecting with your spirit

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein

I know the word ‘spirit’ can be off-putting for some people because they think it sounds ‘airy-fairy’ or has religious connotations that perhaps don’t resonate with them.

For me, spirituality is the presence of love, joy, and the truth of who we are. As children, we are usually very free-spirited but as we grow up that can get dampened (or even forgotten) by negative life experiences, the expectations of society or family, and harmful thought patterns.

Modern, western society doesn’t usually make enough time for spirituality because it is often at odds with the ‘bigger, better, faster, richer’ culture that reigns supreme. Some people might even say that spirituality is wacky or silly.

Yet, a lack or loss of spirituality can lead us down the wrong path in life and create an enormous amount of unhappiness and ‘failure’, if we let it. But by reconnecting with the spiritual side of ourselves, we can:

  • Increase our intuition - when we slow down, we can hear what our soul is really communicating to us… and this knowledge is power

  • Attract the right opportunities – when we’re in touch with our intuition and we know what we want, that decisiveness will help us manifest success in real life e.g. the perfect job opportunity or a compatible, loving partner

  • Make better decisions – your spirit is like your own personal compass, helping you spot the signs that will take you down roads that are right for you. This happened to me when I felt I needed another skill to add to my coaching practice. I had never heard of Marisa Peer but she popped up on one of my podcasts and intuitively I knew that RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) was the right path to take

  • Reduce toxic feelings of comparison, envy, and ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) – if your soul knows you’re exactly where YOU are supposed to be, who cares what anyone else is doing? How liberating!

  • Improve relationships – nurturing our own, complicated inner self helps us see that the souls of others are just as intricate, allowing us to be more patient, take fewer bad deeds to heart, and radiate loving energy towards our family and community

  • Feel belonging – spirituality can give us a strong desire to live a loving and purposeful life, knowing and that we are all connected and here on earth to support and help one another

  • Find peace - the process of spirituality is to be able to look inside and see what is going on within our souls and come back to that state of being in which we can be at peace with ourselves – no matter what is going on in the external environment

How to find a greater sense of spirituality

When we align with our inner self, it’s like a feeling of warm, peaceful energy that flows downwards from our head to our toes, filling us with a deep sense of peace and unconditional love for ourselves and others.

Earlier on in this series about how to take care of your body, heart and mind during isolation, I suggested meditation as a way to reduce stress and boost immunity. It’s also a very effective tool for getting in touch with your spirit. Try listening to one of my free recordings and making a few notes about what comes up for you.

However, you don’t have to sit cross-legged doing deep breathing to experience the soul-nourishing benefits of meditation. You can experience this feeling of peaceful and joyful energy after a long run, while listening to music, from a relaxing massage, during prayer, whilst cooking, crafting, or doing art, or from a quiet walk in nature.

Do some of the things you love (or try something new) and find out what helps you to connect to your spirit. It really doesn’t matter how you connect, just that you DO connect on a daily basis in order to receive all the healing, peaceful, and powerful benefits.

Just as there are four elements in nature – earth, air, fire, and water – there are four elements in you: body, mind, heart and spirit. Give time to all of them to feel whole – and to feel at your best.

Join me for a free mindfulness meditation

If you would like to try meditation, we can do so together via Zoom from 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm on a Monday evening.

What I have found with my mindfulness meditation practice is that it slows me down and realigns me with the presence of my soul, so I can surrender to a power greater than myself. It allows me to be peaceful whilst I go about my busy life; empowering me to get out of my comfort zone and go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Simply register for a free 'Monday mindfulness meditation' by sending an email to

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