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Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Them

We were born with gifts and talents and as we go through life’s various experiences this shapes who we become. If we have good experiences, our parents, extended families, teachers, friends are all supportive towards us then we have a great start in life. This enables our true self to flourish and have an abundant life.

Sadly, often this isn’t the case. As we experience hurtful occasions in our life, we get wounded and we work out a way of protecting our true selves. These protectors are often judgemental, critical, harsh, telling us that we are not good enough.

Let’s take the example of Abigail. Her colleagues saw Abigail as someone who is a high-flyer, successful, organised, and distant. She is seen as “successful” in her senior executive role because she is intelligent, hardworking, and achieves results. Inside, she was unfulfilled, stressed, and overweight and kept her distance from others. Abigail had grown up with a loving mother but a demanding father. Her mother tried to protect her when she was young, by giving her comfort food and telling her to keep quiet and work hard so that her father wouldn’t get angry. He had high expectations of her. Abigail was wounded by her father’s harsh words and lack of love from him and grew up believing that she always needed to work hard to achieve and be accepted and loved. Whatever she achieved, she did not feel it was good enough and inwardly was always seeking her father’s approval - although she never got this. In doing so, she was stressed, unhappy and used food to console and comfort her. Her conscious mind knew that this was detrimental to her health but she couldn’t seem to release herself from her emotional mind.

Once Abigail had an RTT session she understood why she felt unfulfilled, stressed, and used over-eating to comfort herself. Understanding is power and once Abigail could find the root cause of her issues, she was able to transform her thinking and release herself from her limiting thoughts, beliefs, and damaging behaviour.

If there are limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, something happened to you when you were young to cause you to react in a detrimental way to yourself. Often we are unaware of the root cause until we are able to access this, and RTT is a tried and tested process to achieve this.

A helpful self-help method

Journaling is a great way of uncovering what is causing you to hold onto unhelpful or destructive habits. Write your story from your earliest memory. Be the observer of your words. Be curious about your beliefs about yourself. What were the beliefs of your family as you grew up? Was there a time in your life that something significant happened? What did you make this mean? What did you decide to do? The likelihood is that you still hold on to these beliefs – good or detrimental to your growth.

A helpful method to relieve stress held in our bodies.

Another helpful habit is to use a Mindfulness technique to settle yourself if you get stressed. If you can go outside, this adds to the relaxation but is not essential.

  • Sit in a comfortable position

  • Put both feet on the floor with hands in your lap

  • Take a few deep breaths to settle yourself

  • Now follow your breath and imagine the oxygen filling your stomach

  • Now Hold your breath for the count of 4

  • Breath out slowly for the count of 6 and imagine stress being released from your body

  • Keep repeating for about 3 minutes

  • Notice how relaxed you feel

There are recordings on my website: to help with relaxation and sleep.

If you would like more help with limiting beliefs and habits that you hold, please contact me

“Life is an attitude - It's what you choose to believe, always"

Dr Wayne Dyer

With Love Lynda xx


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