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Transform your life with Lynda Cant

Lynda Cant is a former company director and board member for a FTSE 100 company, executive mentor, author, speaker and trained specialist in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is also one of Marisa Peer’s trained and qualified RTT therapists based in Hampshire. 


Lynda Cant

"Combining the experience I have gained working in a busy demanding role,  running my own thriving business for the past 16 years and combining CBT, NLP, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnotherapy and other wellbeing techniques. I work with you to transform your life so you can be happy, healthy, balanced and active.”

Lynda Cant, RTT Therapist

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For Business

Employee absence due to stress poses a major business continuity risk to your company. Lynda helps HR Managers and businesses across Hampshire manage mental health in the workplace.  

For Women

Run-down? Tired? Feeling overwhelmed with your hectic life? Losing the battle between your professional responsibilities and commitments at home? Resentful? No one you can confide in?

For Men

Becoming irritable and impatient, feeling anxious and insecure, health issues  – these are all signs that your life is out of balance.  Stressful emotions hold you back from reaching your full potential

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