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One to One Coaching

Intensive one-to-one coaching for fast track results

Do you want confidence and guidance to...

Cope with a busy, demanding job and family pressures?

Release yourself from worry, difficult emotions, stress?

Handling difficult personal and professional relationships?

Return to work after a career break?

Excel in a new position or start your own business?

Lynda offers a one-to-one mentoring/coaching sessions package:

6 x 1 hourly sessions for £360 or hourly sessions £75 per hour. 

These sessions are face-to-face and held in the beautiful setting of

Worting House, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Worting House.jpeg

Telephone sessions are available at £60 per hour.


Contact Lynda on 07775 911296 for a free 20 minute consultation.

All coaching is held face-to-face or telephone.

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Contact me

07775 911296

Here's how Lynda was able to help other's in a similar situation...

Carmel Traynor


"Lynda brings a rich combination of knowledge, experience and intuition to her sessions.  This enables her to see any resistance to the subject matter and very gently transform this into a profound learning experience.  She is a very generous and attentive mentor."

Beth Linklater


"Over the time I have been working with Lynda, I have become a lot calmer and focused.  I am now aware of my skills and strengths and have more self belief.  Together with Lynda, I have developed some really fantastic ways of coping, using a variety of methods specifically designed to support me.  I really like working with Lynda because she has such a lovely, friendly and kind manner, as well as understanding her business.  And she loves women!  How fantastic to find someone you can work with so well and achieve so much!"

Emma Tennant


“I have worked with Lynda for several years now, either as my personal mentor or with her introducing some of her ideas to my team.  I love working with Lynda, I see her as a wise and kind friend. Lynda has helped and challenged me. I have grown much as a leader. I know that because of Lynda that I am able to manage myself better,  because I have more insight into myself. I often take time out and consider how to take things forwards, using the tools that Lynda gave me.  Thank you Lynda”

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