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What’s an RTT therapy session like?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be a life-changing experience for those who are looking for an alternative to the more traditional therapies.

It’s fast-acting, without being a quick fix, and the benefits from just one session are instant. But what does it feel like to experience RTT?

How does RTT work?

  • RTT helps to re-programme your mind, changing negative and destructive beliefs we have about ourselves into something positive and helpful.

  • Some of my clients have described it as a relaxing and transformational experience.

  • RTT reaches parts of the subconscious brain that other therapies can’t, and it only takes one to three session to achieve the desired results.

What happens during a RTT session?

Before the first session, I will call you to discuss what you want to achieve and to find out more about you.

An RTT session lasts for two hours and can take place in The Treatment Hub located in Basingstoke, or via video call if you wish to be in your own home or a space where you feel safe. Online RTT is also beneficial if you don’t live near to my Hampshire treatment room – my clients are located across the world.

We will establish what has caused the issue we are dealing with and look at how it can be changed.

The process teaches you about what you think and believe about yourself, and what happened to create the issue you are dealing with. RTT teaches you how to change those beliefs.

But how do you do that?

By learning the importance of what you say to yourself and what you believe matters.

People often tell themselves ‘I am not clever enough; worrying is in my genes; I get panic attacks when I drive; I have tried every diet and have never been able to keep weight off’.

By doing this, your brain is reinforcing what you believe.

People love familiarity and that is why it can be so difficult to change habits. RTT shows you how to make what you want become familiar.

Through accessing your subconscious brain, where all beliefs are held, you re-programme your mind to think positively and achieve what you want.

What happens after a RTT session?

  • You will take away a 20-minute personalised recording which you will listen to for 21 days or longer.

  • It takes roughly 21 days to change a habit and the recording is yours to keep and listen to at any time.

  • You will receive an email from me the day after treatment reminding you of what will happen in the next 21 days. During this period you can email or phone me with any questions. I will also send regular motivational texts to keep you on track.

  • After 21 days we will discuss whether you have achieved your goal and if a further session would be helpful.

Find out if RTT can help you. Arrange your free 20-minute consultation with Lynda (click here)

Hear success stories from Lynda’s clients (click here)


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